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      Plates of Characters 6  
      Plates of Scenes 11  
      Plates of Tricks   0  
      Plates of Wings 4  
      Wing No.s 8 - 9 - 21 - 34
        Written By: TBA  
        Performed At: TBA  
        Performance Date: TBA  
        JK Green Imprint      
        9 Thurlow Place, East Street, Walworth  
Wings (4)
  BLAC-HB-W08   BLAC-HB-W09   BLAC-HB-W21   BLAC-HB-W34  
Other Plates of Interest
  BLAC-HB-P02   BLAC-HB-P03   BLAC-HB-P04   BLAC-HB-P05   BLAC-HB-P06  
  BLAC-HB-S01   BLAC-HB-S02   BLAC-HB-S03   BLAC-HB-S04   BLAC-HB-S05  
Hugo Brown 2004